You make a charitable donation of appreciated securities or cash to the Tompkins Charitable Pooled Income Fund. The Fund sells your securities and uses them to generate a stream of income paid to you quarterly over your lifetime.

You receive a partial tax deduction for your donation, which is based on the amount of your gift minus the estimated future value of the income you expect to receive.

When you pass away, the charity you designated receives the value of your Pooled Income Fund. You have the satisfaction of knowing that you received income for life, and paid no federal income tax, capital gains tax, or estate tax on the value remaining which passes to the charity.

Tax Example:

A 65-year-old making a charitable gift of $50,000 would get a $19,420 tax deduction, lowering his/her estate and generating income for the remainder of the donor's life.

You are encouraged to consult with your tax advisor or accountant. Tax benefits depend on your individual circumstances.